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Ny CS:GO Uppdatering!

Publicerad 29 November 2017 av Glux i kategorin Nyheter  • 
Kom en ny CS:GO uppdatering inatt. Hela uppdateringen kan du läsa här under. 

– Improved performance of 3D audio. Positional audio is much more responsive when turning quickly.
[ War Games ]
– Players can now select from 3 maps during end-of-match voting in War Games.
– Added convars controlling end of match voting setup to simplify management of War Games community servers.

[ Misc ]
– Server HTTP log delivery will now have correct timestamps on log lines which occured before the remote listener was registered.
– Smoothed out game server hitching when a new player connects and downloads initial game state.
– Fixed occasional crash affecting official game servers.
– Fixed the extra 3 second delay in GOTV+ broadcast in some cases.
– SSE4 optimizations in network string tables to reduce server hitches on connection of new player.
– Console output of the game server can now be timestamped using “con_timestamp” convar.

– Updated trust algorithm based on data and feedback.
To help us further improve the Trust Factor, send us an email at CSGOTeamFeedback@valvesoftware.com with the subject “Trust Factor Feedback” and include a description of your experience and your Steam ID.